Le mois en images – Juin 2017

Retour à ma sélection de photo et photographes sur Instagram, ce mois-ci.

1- Michael Christopher Brown

2-Yaman Ibrahim

3-Ilya Naymushin

4-Markus Andersen

Sydney. – photo by @markusxandersen

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5-Walter Astrada

#fromthearchives: In 2009, #visapourlimage exhibited Walter Astrada's (@walterastrada) photo essay 'Bloodbath in Madagascar'. That year, Walter was asked to go to Madagascar to cover the political tensions in Madagascar. The first days there were calm and he took everday images of the country. But on Saturday the 7th, Rajoelina proclaimed himself leader of the head of a Supreme Transitional Authority. Rajoelina mobilized his supporters to take to the streets of Antananarivo to demand the President Ravalomanana's ousting on the grounds of his alleged "autocratic" style of government. The demonstration was calm at the beginning but seemingly from nowhere demonstrators were shot down as they started running to the presidential palace. What shocked Walter the most was the fact that the police started shooting again, except at people who were trying to help the ones who had first been injured. Walter then went back to the hotel, feeling too much in jeopardy and afraid of being arrested because of all the photographs he had taken. But, nobody tried to find him. It seems they wanted to show the world how violent they could get. Pictured is an image from the reportage. The caption: Two supporters of Mayor Andry Rajoelina find shelter behind a container as police fire tear gas at the end of a rally in the main avenue. Antananarivo, February 16, 2009. – Photo © Walter Astrada/ AFP (@afpphoto) #madagascar #antananarivo #2009 #conflict #teargas #demonstration #history #demonstrators #photography #photojournalism #photojournalisme #reportage #news #africa #rally

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6-Paul Nicklen

7- Ryan Pierse

Getty Images photographer Ryan Pierse is taking over @gettyimages today for a closer look at some of his favourite images. To see more of Ryan’s work check out his Instagram ➡️ @ryanpierse #FollowFriday __ “The Olympic Games are the pinnacle for any Sports Photographer. The bread and butter of Sports photography is being able to freeze athletes at the absolute peak of their action. However, using certain photographic techniques, you can capture moments that are not visible to the human eye or a broadcast camera. Using an extremely slow shutter speed and a slight zoom burst technique, I shot this graphic image during the velodrome at the Rio Olympics. Years of practice and many many laps of patience on the day go into creating a image like this, so it was satisfying for everything to come together as such a major event. When your boss of 15 years comes over to you the next morning and asks you for a print of the image for his house, that can only be good thing.” – @ryanpierse | August 16, 2016 | #GettySport [1 of 4]

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8-Joel Sartore

9-Alvaro Canovas

On October 17, #2016, the Prime Minister of #Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, announced the beginning of the offensive to regain control of #Mosul: “Today I declare the start of these victorious operations to free you from the violence and terrorism of Daesh.” But by early April #2017, the city had still not fallen; large parts of the west bank of Mosul were still being held by #ISIS #fighters, and hundreds, even thousands of civilians, had died. From the early days of the battle, Alvaro Canovas (@alvaro.canovas) was there with troops from #IraqiSpecialOperationsForces (#ISOF), the elite counter-terrorism “Golden Division,” together with special Emergency Response Division (ERD) police. His photographs show street fighting and distressed civilians caught up in war. Regaining control of Mosul was a major victory over ISIS, but what was the price paid? Alvaro's images of the offensive will be included in his exhibition, titled "Regaining Mosul, a bitter struggle," at #visapourlimage2017. Pictured is an image from the report, the caption: November 2, 2016, #Gogjali, eastern Mosul. While men from the first battalion of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF-1) led by Colonel Mohaned were securing the streets, a little girl emerged from her house carrying a white flag. – Photo © Alvaro Canovas / Paris Match (@parismatch_magazine)

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10-Peyman Pustduzan

Water Play in Tehran. by @peyman_pustduzan

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